The great thing about United Freedom Team LLC is that the company gives you very responsive buyer leads to send your postcard to, so there is no recruiting or sponsoring required unless you want to share with your contacts. Each postcard has the website on it to get more information, a 24 hour sizzle call explaining the activity and most importantly, YOUR ID NUMBER SO YOU CAN GET PAID!!
Tammy, South Carolina
I've spent thousands of dollars in the last 15 years trying to make money online. I've been in MLM programs, HYIP'S, Gifting Programs, ect. they have started out fair, but have “died on the vine” Then I got this postcard in the mail, checked out the website and joined for $100. I received my “welcome packet” and my first signup came in at the Elite level of 1000 dollars so I lost $920 right off the bat!! I since have upgraded several levels. My total take to date is $5,855 and it grows every week. This is the best program I've seen in years that I have been involved with!
Jim, Abilene, TX
Hi, I just wanted to share a quick testimonial about United Freedom Team LLC. I joined via PayPal and I am an expat residing outside of the U.S. I am totally reliant on Mike's print and mail service to reach new members. I am happy to say that in less than 10 days I received my first enrollment and I have done no work at all. UFT is the REAL DEAL for sure and I am looking forward to a long relationship.
Laura, expat from Denmark
Thanks Mike for the $400 you sent to my PayPal account for one of my enrollment upgrades. I've been having trouble viewing videos on my PC but finally got to see and hear your revised postcard system. The way you have restructured the system is certainly more fair because you do 98% of the work. Also, the new system will create more cash for members due to the revised upgrade system.

One more thing I want to mention, I've been in the mail order business for 12+ years and I have not been a part of any money making system that comes close to your “United Freedom Team LLC” business. Thirty seven hundred dollars ($3700) in my bank in 4 weeks…WOW!

Garland, Alabama

WOW!  I still cannot believe I have received $800 in my first 11 days of being with this program!  In the 5 plus years that I have been doing mail order marketing, I have never had this amount of success in such a short period of time!

Losing my job may turn out for the best as there is no sweeter revenge than that of sweet success!  I am anticipating a great amount of success with your program.

Again, thank you and God Bless!

T. Lewis, Albany NY
Mike – Paul here,

Just wanted to tell you thank you so much for giving me hope to keep on living, I feel that your an honest man that does care about others.  I must say I am in my 60's and as a grown man I had to cry when I opened that letter and seen that you had paid me $400 dollars!  You could never know just how that made me feel Mike!  I think I may after all be able to get up the part I need so they will go forward with my heart transplant.

God Bless You!

Paul, from Ohio