mike_and_amyMeet Mike and Amy, the founders of
United Freedom Team LLC  (Registered with the Secretary of State)

Creating time and financial freedom for the average person!

Deuteronomy: 8:18 “But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth.”

Hi and welcome to United Freedom Team LLC

We are happy you are joining us in the journey to financial freedom! We would like to share with you a little bit about our lives and our journey up until now.

United Freedom Team was founded in November of 2013. The reason this wonderful business is such a success is because we have put a lot of time, care and consideration into not only ensuring our success, but also the success of those who want United Freedom Team to be their financial freedom as well. On May 19, 2014 we became a Limited Liability Company – LLC. We currently have members in Canada, Denmark, the United Kingdom and of course the United States. Our goal as a team is to provide a vehicle for absolutely anyone to find financial freedom with our exclusive membership opportunity.

I, Michael, created this program to ensure financial freedom so as to avoid needing to rely on Corporate America now and far into the future. It has enabled our family to be independent and free to take care of our children and anything our family may need. My goal for United Freedom Team LLC is to give people a chance to reach their ambitions, desires, goals but most importantly financial freedom so they can accomplish what and where they want their lives to be. Before I put together this program, I lost my job two times due to the economy in a little over a year’s time. I filed bankruptcy and needed the help of my church to pay rent until I could find a job in Corporate America. Corporate America did not fulfill the needs of my ever growing desire to nurture and provide for my family. It took close to five months of due diligence and hard work to make this business a success. I experienced a lot of growing pains as I saw this business taking shape and wanted to cater to all walks of life as my goal was to reach the masses! What a blessing this business has become! I thank God for His ever faithful love, wisdom and guidance in every aspect of United Freedom Team LLC. I would not be here if it were not for the guidance of my Savior! I also feel blessed to have gotten to know and become friends with many of our members and am thrilled that people see the potential and are striving for financial freedom themselves!

I, Amy, Michael’s wife, started as a ride along to support my husband as he created this fantastic program! I am so proud of his accomplishments and his drive to succeed! I too had lost two jobs in the same amount of time that Michael lost his, a little over a year. I also hit a few bumps in the road during the start-up phase of this business. I not only lost jobs, filed bankruptcy but also was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery to remove the cancer. Soon after I recovered from surgery, my father was diagnosed with cancer and lost his battle within a year. To top that off, Michael encouraged me to see my family Doctor to check out a lump that didn’t look quite right. After removing the lump, it was found to be Mrsa and if it had not been caught as quickly as it did, I might not have survived. I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for allowing my life to continue so as to support and help my husband grow his dream – our business! My job now with United Freedom Team LLC is to make sure the back end of the business is up and operational. I manage the paperwork, enrollments, payroll and most emails. Of course that is not the extent of my job. I am ever grateful to be able to be the Manager of United Freedom Team but also be a Wife to my husband Michael and the Mother to all five of our children. My days are busy and filled to capacity making sure the home team thrives. I am overjoyed to have made some connections and friendships with some of the members and to be able to encourage those to never give up!

Your dream truly is a reality! Mine came through and so can yours!